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What is the link between osteopathy and nutrition ?

What is the link between osteopathy and nutrition ? This is a common question that my patients ask during the treatment. Nowadays, people spend a lot of money and effort to take care about their outside look. But it is also important to keep in mind that our external appearance is a reflection of our internal aspect. It becomes clear essential nutriments that maintain our internal balance will also bring positive affects on our outside apearance. What we put into our system will be an outside picture for the other. The quality of these nutriments influence our balance, but also our physical and mental health.

So, giving nutrition advice is a helpful complement to help patients to deal with their present difficulties.

The medical community has been able to make people understand the dangers linked with junk food and all non-transmissible diseases (hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular infarction, cancer…) that could be prevented with a better diet. However, it has also proven that an unhealthy diet can be responsible for chronic inflammation and so, the chronic pain that can lead to an osteopathic consultation.

Nutrition is linked with physical activity. In 2008, the Swiss Government published a report that warned the population against the potential danger of a lack of physical activity. They concluded that if we want to prevent these diseases, it is better for us to be overweight but fit, than slim but unfit… It is evident that every therapist should encourage patients to move more and more often in their daily routine.